Joy is something that does not come from our circumstances. It is rather much like riding a surf board. You can look at the waves, or you can enjoy the experience staying focused on balance and not falling off.

When we keep our eyes on God it is an intentional, proactive choice that we make every single day. It deals with our faith and who we are trusting for the outcome of our life. The waves may seem huge sometimes but we know the one who walks on water. He allows the waves for us to ride on.

We have the choice daily to either let the waves over take us by concentrating on them to hard or we can choose to trust God and enjoy the ride.

Psalm 59:16-17 WEB

16 But I will sing of your strength.
    Yes, I will sing aloud of your loving kindness in the morning.
For you have been my high tower,
    a refuge in the day of my distress.
17 To you, my strength, I will sing praises.
    For God is my high tower, the God of my mercy.

Our Picture

Our view of God is limited in the fragile condition of our humanity.  Sometimes the glimpses of Him are overpowering.  These moments come, often times, when we are still and listening and other times; it is in the randomness of every-day life that we see His presence.  His love for you is so vast that it can’t be measured.  Our soul wants more than just touching the surface of God.  We have a deep yearning at the core of our being that can only be filled by Him. There is a union desired that cannot be described in words.  It is beyond flesh and bones. It is spirit.   It is the empty spot created in us that can only be satisfied when we connect with Him.  We have been created with this void so we can have the most beautiful relationship of all.  Life without God at the center just does not make sense.

Take a moment today to be still and reflect on the love of God.

1 John 4:16

The One Who Walks With You

In the rhythms of the day there is intention, goals, challenges, determination, the strain to move forward and then there is Jesus. Jesus will turn your world upside down, will totally transform your reality. He will shift all your paradigms and you will be left seeing the world in fresh ways with His love at center stage.

Forget everything you ever have “learned” and instead walk with Christ. It is a relationship not a religion. He is intimate and personal. He is a life of love, renewal, growing, healing, transforming and thriving.

24 Don’t you know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run like that, that you may win. 1 Corinthians 9 24