4 All the earth will worship you,
and will sing to you;
they will sing to your name.” Selah Psalm 66:4

You belong to God and you are loved. Think on this today. There are millions of thoughts we can have each day but these two thoughts are profound and life changing.

We are children of the creator of everything. Our Father in heaven who loves you, created the stars, the trees, the oceans and everything in the earth and skies. He is all knowing, kind, compassionate, merciful, forgiving. He sees your struggles and triumphs. He sees your pain and heals you. He breathes fresh new life into you every day. His compassion never ends. He sees you. He knows even the number of hairs on your head. He is intimately involved in your life and even when you do not feel his presence he is there waiting for you to open your eyes.

God’s love is so huge we cannot even begin to wrap our brains around it. The promises and plans of mankind are pale compared to the vibrancy and energy of our living and loving God. You belong to God! You are loved!

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