As I view the world around me I see dynamic snapshots of humanity: angry, tired, grief filled, despairing, surviving, unhealthy, diseased, greed driven, in pain, lonely, overworked, abused, confused. If I look out further I see violence, war, division, spiritual and physical pollution, discrimination, depravity.

Through the same lens I also see courage, faith, compassion, generosity, love, laughter, change. I see friendship, smiles, and daily acts of random kindness. I see people through out the world who are there offering help, creativity, artistry, and most importantly God’s light shining in the darkness. I have also witnessed heroism, selfless acts, taking care of the earth and its creatures, and people who inspire me to go further to help others.

It really truly is an amazing and complex world. When I see the essence of goodness around me I also see God at work helping us to thrive. For the negative space in the backdrop there is an answer. The choice daily is there. Who will we serve and how will we leave this earth for the next generation? Let us choose wisely the path that leads to life and love.

He who doesn’t love doesn’t know God, for God is love.
1 John 4:8

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