Forever Rely On God

This big fella was sitting in my mint planter last Summer making himself at home. He reminded me of a sweet figurine I have in my living room that my Dad gave me after my Mom had passed on. My Dad collects frog figurines and he shared the first one he collected with me.

It is a sweet reminder that we ultimately need to trust God with everything we are doing and know that he is the one calling the shots. I think in our essence we can get this backwards if we are not proactively sensitive to his leading.

God has a way that is bright and beautiful. If we try to do things without his leadership we truly can mess everything up. Lol! So who are you trusting with your days? How often do you ask God to show you what to do with your day? Are you taking time to listen to the small still voice that says this is the way?

Forever relying on God is an intelligent way to live. Hold on though because it always is an adventure.

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